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Mandatory equipment of the participant may be checked in the starting area before the start of the event.

Participants missing required equipment, either at the start or during the event, will be disqualified and will not be eligible to receive a HIGHLANDER Pin, Patch, and Certificate.


  • Head torch / flashlight
  • Start water 4L
  • Hydration bladder or water bottles with a minimum total volume of 4L
  • Food pot & cutlery (for sustainability reasons)
  • Warm clothing and footwear suitable for terrain and conditions
  • Boots or trail runners (footwear)
  • First-aid supplies (bandages, adhesive tape, adhesive bandages, stretch bandages, sterile gauze, antiseptic, repellent, pain relievers, survival blanket, ...)
  • Trash bag (provided by organizer)


  • Tent or bivouac sack or hammock and waterproof tarp
  • Sleeping bag (not required if bringing bivouac sack) 
  • Sleeping pad (not required if bringing bivouac sack with a built-in sleeping pad)
  • Head torch / flashlight
  • Cookware & cutlery
  • Water purification tablets or drops or filter 
  • Backpacking stove
  • Minimum 4L / 1 gallon of water on start
  • Hydration bladder or water bottles with a minimum total volume of 4L
  • Warm clothing and footwear suitable for terrain and conditions
  • Compass
  • First-aid KIT
  • Survival blanket
  • Trash bag (provided by organizer)



Some of the equipment can be shared in a group of maximum 4 people.

However, the group must cross the Finish Line within a time difference of no more than 30 minutes from the first to the last group member. Participants sharing equipment must inform the organizing staff at Registration - Event week. Staff may check equipment before the event start. Participants missing required equipment, either at the start or during the event, will be disqualified and will not be eligible to receive a HIGHLANDER Pin, Patch, and Certificate.

  • Tent
  • Portable stove (gas / gasoline / alcohol)
  • Compass 
  • First-aid supplies (bandages, adhesive tape, adhesive bandages, stretch bandages, sterile gauze, antiseptic, repellent, pain relievers)



Registering for HIGHLANDER will bring you excitement and a new adventure into your life. It will also make you commit to yourself that you will do something fantastic for your health - both physically and mentally. 

Since our goal is to launch HIGHLANDER worldwide you will be able to visit even more iconic locations across the world in the years to come, and on your journeys, you will always have never-ending support from the HIGHLANDER community.

Check what your registration includes (items marked with * are not included in Lyra format):

  • Food packages that include:
    1. Cooked meals on certain checkpoints: the most delicious local dishes to celebrate the amazing location you're in made with the best ingredients 
    *2. Backpacking food: food that tastes great while focusing on maintaining freshness
    3. Ready-to-eat & easy-to-prepare food: that includes some of the best non-GMO meals made with fresh vegetables and extra virgin olive oil. This includes staples like Fillo's and high-quality Adriatic sea sardines in olive oil from Podravka
  • Beverages that include the best start of the day at the start of the event with coffee and tea, as well as all kinds of refreshments at the campgrounds such as Water, Coffee, Tea, Electrolyte drink, Hop water (HOP WTR)
  • Snacks - including goodies from Kodiak Cakes, energy bars, fresh fruit, and much more 
  • Participant injury insurance is covered by Spot Injury Insurance that includes all the accidental injuries that occur at the event by these guidelines 
  • *HIGHLANDER Ranger that will take care of your safety during the night at each campground
  • *100% Merino wool buff
  • *Transportation to the start location of the event
  • Educational and entertainment activities - featuring educational lectures on various topics, sustainability workshops, wildlife education, yoga sessions, live music, stargazing, etc.
  • Luggage storage - you will hand to us before the start and we will keep it safe for you at the finish of the event
  • HIGHLANDER Finisher pin - a unique backpacking pin provided only to those who became HIGHLANDERs and finished the event
  • HIGHLANDER Patch - completely unique event patch you can later show off on your backpack
  • HIGHLANDER Certificate - Your finisher Adventure of a Lifetime diploma signed by HIGHLANDER CEO
  • *Camping gas cartridge - you don't need to bring it on the plane or search high and low for it when you arrive at the location
  • HIGHLANDER Hiker tag, Luggage tag, gpx file of your adventure and HIGHLANDER Passport with all the most important event information
  • *HIGHLANDER Map - physical map of your adventure
  • Lifelong friendships, cool stories to tell, pictures to show, and memories to carry forever

Also, by registering for the event you're automatically becoming a member of the HIGHLANDER Club which will bring you various benefits.


Prerequisites for HIGHLANDER Ursa Major

Participants need to prove they are fit enough to undertake that kind of challenge and that they know how to handle themselves in the wilderness. They can do so by submitting results from endurance races or events.

Everyone who is truly ready to take on the challenge of backpacking through 102 miles in 5 days. That means that in the past 2 years you finished some of the following:

  • Long Distance hike 5+ days (e.g. PCT, CDT, Appalachian Trail, etc.)
  • Spartan Ultra (finisher) 
  • Spartan Trail or any other Trail Race - 50+ miles finisher 
  • HIGHLANDER Hercules - 60 miles - 5 days

After registration, you will need to e-mail us directly with your past experience to qualify with additional or other qualifications.



Event organizer is responsible for obtaining all necessary event permits from the authorities.



Spot Injury Insurance will cover every participant's deductible, plus in- and out-of-network medical costs up to $25K.

If you get injured while participating in one of our US events, Spot Injury Insurance can cover your deductible, plus eligible in- and out-of-network medical costs—even if you have health insurance.  



Participants will be disqualified under the following circumstances ➝

  • If groups the teams sharing gear reach the finish line more than 30 minutes apart 
  • Preventing staff from verifying that gear meets requirements
  • Missing required gear 
  • Littering
  • Fire starting 
  • Sleeping or cooking in mountain lodges, huts, or other accommodation facilities
  • Borrowing equipment from the same facilities
  • Bivouacking outside of the designated camps



FOOD rules
The organizer will provide camping food according to the diet preference each participant chose during the registration process. HIGHLANDER Big Bear Lake offers meat and vegan options. All meals are distributed at the start and campgrounds.

Provided camping food is suited to the average daily needs of an average adult: cooked meals, backpacking food, ready-to-eat food and easy to prepare food such as spreads, cheese, cold cuts, and bread. You can choose between a meat or vegan diet, the gluten-free option, however, is not available. You choose your diet preference during the registration process.

Participants supply their own snacks and extra food (as deemed necessary). We recommend bringing snacks, dry fruit, and similar food in addition to the meals provided by the organizer. 

There are no stores or supermarkets in the San Bernardino Mountains, so stock up ahead of time. :)

Protect your food from bears by using bear-resistant canisters if possible, or by hanging your food bags by the counter-balance method - Bear Safety information.

*Detailed information on the provided camping food will be given in a timely manner.



You must bring your own water to the Start (minimum 4L / 1 gallon).

It is important to stay hydrated, so please make sure to always carry enough water with you.

Plenty of drinking water will be available for the day of the hiking ahead. We will not provide a means to carry it, so please pack your own bladders or bottles. The water refill will be available at all checkpoints during their working hours.

Mountain water is NOT safe for drinking, so using water purification (tablets/drops/filter) is a must.



Participants choose their bivouacking spot on the site.

Choose a location on a hard dry surface such as rock, sand, gravel, or pine needle duff, not on vegetation or in meadows.

Sleeping arrangements may only include the required gear: tent, tarp, bivouac sack or hammock.

Fires are prohibited.

Lodging, cooking or borrowing gear from mountain lodges or huts are PROHIBITED.



HIGHLANDER is not a race but it does have a time limit.

All participants who collected all stamps and came to finish by the time of the finish closing, will receive their HIGHLANDER Pin, Patch and Certificate.




Always be aware and alert to the danger of fire.

We recommend obtaining a free campfire permit before the event.

Note that fire restrictions can change based on the current conditions, and we will update you with the current restrictions before and during the event.



Garbage cans will be located at the bivouac camp checkpoints.

Littering and polluting are strictly prohibited and will result in immediate disqualification.

Participants may use the toilets available at checkpoints, huts, hostels, etc.

In nature, feces must be buried at least 6 inches deep and 200 feet away from campsites, water sources, buildings, and backpacking trails. Use toilet paper sparingly and pack it out. A plastic bag confines odors effectively, and double bagging prevents any accidental contamination.

San Bernardino National Forest's Wilderness ethics and etiquette.



DOGS rules
This is a dog-friendly event but dogs must be on a leash. You need to carry the dog food with you.

$0No extra registration fee required.

When in a camping area: dogs will need to stay on a leash and must be taken outside of the camping area to relieve themselves. Dogs are not allowed inside any buildings including the dining hall.

Please note it might still be pretty hot and unless the dog is acclimated to the heat, overheating might be a challenge. For the same reason, please make sure the dog is well hydrated - you probably need to carry 1.5x to 2x your water amount for the two of you.

The general rule for the K9 team for wilderness in hot weather is 1 liter (0.26 gallon) per 1-2 hours for the dog and his owner together.



In the event of a serious injury or inability to walk, and if there is no cellular coverage, this must be reported at the nearest checkpoint through other participants or the organizers so that emergency service can be called.

If cellular service is available, a serious injury or inability to walk must be reported to emergency services by dialing 9-1-1.

The organizer is not responsible in any way for participants' withdrawal. Withdrawing participants will be responsible for making their own transportation arrangements.

Check Backcountry safety tips to avoid unnecessary withdrawal.


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