Julian Alps and HIGHLANDER route can be inaccessible, and communications can be patchy. In case of injury, you will need to notify HIGHLANDER staff at checkpoints and/or call emergency services by calling 112 (as described in your HIGHLANDER ID received at registration).

 Checkpoints are positioned to allow vehicle access. Consult checkpoint staff in case of a mild injury or if withdrawing from HIGHLANDER.

 Staff will call or text you if you do not show up at the checkpoint during opening hours. If you are unavailable, we will NOT start a search and rescue.  Search, and rescue will be launched by the appropriate services only in cases of immediate danger to a participant’s life or health.

 COVID -19

Highlander is an outdoor event and, by default, a low-risk event from a Covid point of view. Regardless, the organizer takes all security measures. The event takes place outdoors, and in no case will there be a large number of people together. The start will be organized in a large area, participants will come to the checkpoints individually, employees at the checkpoints will be adequately protected, and sleeping will be in tents (alone or max 4 people). The organizer will strictly follow all instructions of the NIJZ and the government, which will be valid on the days of the event.


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