Highlander Hercules

HIGHLANDER Hercules got its name after the Roman mythological hero adapted from the Greek hero Heracles. It is also the second-largest northern constellation and is simultaneously the longest HIGHLANDER route that spans over 5 days.

On a 99 km long trail through this playground for walkers and outdoor enthusiasts, you will witness iconic viewpoints, astonishing peaks, and starry skies.

Jul 03rd - 07th, 2024

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Highlander Pegasus

The second-largest format is named after a constellation in the northern sky, named after the winged horse Pegasus in Greek mythology. It is easily recognisable because it is dominated by a prominent asterism known as the Great Square.

Enjoy a 56-kilometre-long hiking adventure through this world-famous destination for its beautiful lakes and mountainous fells, carved out long ago by glaciers.

Jul 05th - 07th, 2024

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Highlander Lyra

Named after the harmonious lyre in Greek mythology, the Lyra symbolizes balance and harmony, traits mirrored in this adventure. This 1-day quest is designed for audacious souls and adventure seekers with limited time on their hands.

Discover Your adventurous spirit in England's Lake District! Prepare for an exhilarating one-day challenge that will push your limits to the fullest! Leave behind the burden of a heavy backpack and the hassle of tenting necessities. You'll embark on this adventure with only what you can fit in your tiny backpack; everything else you need will be provided at checkpoints and the finish line.

So lace up your boots, feel the thrill of the unknown, and join us in an unforgettable day of challenges, camaraderie, and triumphs amidst the breathtaking beauty of England's Lake District!

Jul 07th, 2024

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Registering for HIGHLANDER will bring you excitement and a new adventure into your life. It will also make you commit to yourself that you will do something fantastic for your health - both physically and mentally. 

Since our goal is to launch HIGHLANDER worldwide you will be able to visit even more iconic locations across the world in the years to come, and on your journeys you will always have never ending support from the HIGHLANDER community.

  • Mountain Safety Team
  • Food & beverages packages include:

    1. Cooked meals at one checkpoint and finish 
    2. Backpacking food: dry freeze food that tastes great by Tactical Foodpack (lunch and breakfast segment) - not applicable for LYRA format
    3. Podravka tuna or sardines -high-quality Adriatic sea sardines in olive oil
    4. Podravka instant soup
    5. Snacks including Real Meal energy bars, crackers, and much more.
    6. Pastry
    7. Apple/banana/orange
    8. Coffee and Tea (The Brew Company)
    9. Energy drinks by Goat drinks
    10. Water
    11. Local craft beer by Lakes Brew Co
  • Educational and entertainment activities at each campground - featuring educational lectures and workshops on various topics, mountain safety education, yoga sessions, live music, stargazing, etc.
  • Luggage storage - you will hand to us before the start and we will keep it safe for you at the finish of the event
  • HIGHLANDER Finisher pin - a unique backpacking pin provided only to those who became HIGHLANDERs and finished the event
  • HIGHLANDER Patch - completely unique event patch you can later show off on your backpack
  • HIGHLANDER Certificate - Your finisher Adventure of a Lifetime diploma signed by HIGHLANDER CEO
  • HIGHLANDER Hiker tag, Luggage tag, and HIGHLANDER gpx map, and HIGHLANDER Passport with all the most important event information 
  • HIGHLANDER Map - a physical map of your adventure - EXCEPT LYRA
  • Infrastructure provided at the start, finish, checkpoints, and along the route
  • Transportation before the event - for the HIGHLANDER Pegasus and Lyra (both formats from Park Foot Holiday Park to the start of Pegasus at Stool End Farm, Langdale, or Lyra at the Low Bridge Farm End)
  • Lifelong friendships, cool stories to tell, pictures to show, and memories to carry forever

Also, by registering for the event you're automatically becoming a member of the HIGHLANDER Club which will bring you various benefits.

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