• The 103 km long adventure takes you along the ridge of the Stara planina where few have gone before. Designed especially for the HIGHLANDER Stara planina 2024 occasion, it will make the experience special both because of the changing viewpoints, the peaks that are visited, and also because of the feeling of freedom walking along the ridge and the border for more than 40 km. Descending from the ridge, you pass through the villages of Balta Berilovac, Zaskovci and Topli do, where you have the opportunity to get to know and feel the authenticity of the mountain villages and hosts of this region, which are becoming fewer and fewer. The trail would not be complete if it was not adorned with a waterfall, which in the final part will be the Piljski waterfall before the ascent and return to the ridge, where via Dugobilo and Midžor peak, the finish line is reached at the foot of Babin zub peak.
  • Encountering abandoned watchtowers, through wild pastures, juniper, blueberries, deciduous and coniferous vegetation, in the company of wild horses, the nature that has made these landscapes especially authentic, will not leave the participants indifferent.
  • The places that are visited on the trail lead from Babin zub peak, further to Žarkova chuka, via Vučja jama, Dupljak peak, next to Golemi kamen, Šilja chuka, so that the first day of the adventure ends at St Nikola pass, where the camp is located. On the second day, via Hajdučki kamen and Orlovi kamen to the village of Balta Berilovac, where the second camp is planned.On the third day, he plans to climb the ridge to the Jabučki plain, but again turn to the village of Zaskovci, Topli do, in order to visit the Piljski waterfall and spend two nights in the surroundings of authentic villages that are today protected for the sake of this region.On the fifth day of the ascent to Dugobilo, it will be a great challenge to return to the ridge and over the highest peak of Midžor before the finish line, to give yourself credit for having succeeded.
  • With the goal of all participants on the same day, regardless of the format, the walkers share the joy and celebrate the title that HIGHLANDER will proudly receive. The adventure, which lasts 5 days, evokes the beauty of the diversity and breadth of the landscape that Stara planina possesses, thus providing a unique hiking experience of this region.


  • The medium-length adventure of 60 km takes the participants to the side of Stara planina, which is known to few. The part of the mountain that leads you through the peaks and the ridge will reward each participant with an experience of three days in the wild and untouched nature of the tame and challenging Stara Planina, which is best experienced a step away from the stars at night.
  • The Pegasus adventure begins near the peak of Babin Zub (1,758m), from where it continues along the roof and ridge of Serbia.
    From Babin Zub, further to Žarkova Chuka, via Vučja Jama, Dupljak Peak, past Golemi Kamen, Šilje Chuka to the first camp on the Sveti Nikola Pass.
  • On the second day, via Hajdučki kamen and Orlovi kamen to the village of Balta Berilovac, where the second camp is planned.
  • On the third day, the ascent brings all participants of the Pegasus format back to the starting point across the Jabučko ravnište, past the ski resort to finish at the finish line with all participants of the HIGHLANDER Stara planina 2024 event.
  • The adventure that lasts 3 days is proposed as a hedonistic adventure that can be more extreme in a shorter time or enjoy and connect with nature in one easy rhythm with more breaks and socializing.


  • The adventure of the shortest path HIGHLANDER Stara planina is circular and starts from the top of Babin zub where it also returns to part of the ridge.
  • On the first day, a descent to the protected village of Topli do and Piljski vodopad waterfall, where after a night under clear skies challenges the participants to make a serious ascent over the ridge from Dugobilo and the top of Midžor to return to the starting point at the foot of peak Babin zub.
  • The Orion adventure with a length of 30 km will be a real challenge and temptation to go through on the weekend and feel the atmosphere and energy of the birth of the HIGHLNADERs with the participants of other formats. In order to see and experience Stara planina in a different light and format, the trail intersects with the medium and longest format HIGHLANDER Stara planina, where the energy of the participants increases and additionally motivates them to take a step and experience more.
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