Before traveling

HIGHLANDER Hercules - coming by yourself

There are more options for how to come to Zavižan:

  • BY CAR: Keep in mind that parking in the Zavižan parking lot is strictly prohibited. Use our transportation busses to come to the start. They start from Senj at kule Nehaj parking lot where we suggest you also leave your car - it will be easier to reach after the event.
  • BY PUBLIC TRANSPORT: another option is the frequent Zadar-Rijeka bus service.
    Once in Senj, our transportation buses will take you to the start of your adventure. See below.

HIGHLANDER Hercules - organized transport

If you are coming to Senj by yourself we are organising a bus for each Start Group. The busses will take you from Senj to the start in Zavižan. Busses depart from the parking lot of Nehaj Tower scheduled according to your Starting group. You will have plenty of time to register, check your gear, and make final route planning.

Bus schedules will be posted closer to the event.

HIGHLANDER Hercules - back from the finish

We believe HIGHLANDER Hercules finishers have a spirit of a big adventurer therefore we do not provide special bus transport back to Senj.

However, feel free to stay in Starigrad or make a new adventure by returning to Senj by local bus.

HIGHLANDER Pegasus - organized transport

Once you arrive in Starigrad, organized buses will take you from Parking Beach Saline to the start of your Adventure according to your starting group.

Bus schedules will be posted closer to the event.

HIGHLANDER Orion and Lyra - transport

The organizer does not provide transportation to HIGHLANDER Orion and Lyra participants.

Participants of HIGHLANDER Orion Velebit and HIGHLANDER Lyra Velebit start and finish their Adventure in Starigrad.

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